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I. First Special Issue on Cognitive Dynamic Systems

Published by Proc. IEEE (download the table of contents).


1. White paper on Cognitive Radar Information Networks for security along the Great Lakes, Collaborator: Accipiter Radar Technology.


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2. S. Haykin, Digital Communication Systems, John Wiley and Sons, 2013.

3. S. Haykin, Cognitive Dynamic Systems, Cambridge Univerity Press, March 2012. (The first book written on this integrative new field.)


1. S. Haykin and J.M. Fuster, On Cognitive Dynamic Systems: Cognitive Neuroscience and Engineering Learning From Each Other, Proc. IEEE, Special Issue on Cognitive Dynamic Systems, April 2014.

2. A. Amiri and S. Haykin, Improved Sparse Coding under the Influence of Perceptual Attention, Neural Computation Journal, MIT-Press, February 2014.

3. S. Haykin and P. Setoodeh, Cognitive Radio Networks: The Supply Chain Paradigm, second revision.

4. F. Khozeimeh and S. Haykin, Self-organized Dynamic Spectrum Management for Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, under review.

5. S. Haykin, Y. Xue, and P. Setoodeh, "Cogitive Radar: Step Toward Bridging Gap Between Neuroscience and Engineering," Proc. IEEE, 2012, to be published.

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9. P. Setoodeh and S. Haykin, “Dynamic spectrum supply chain model for cognitive radio networks,” The First IEEE International Workshop on Emerging COgnitive Radio Applications and aLgorithms (CORAL), San Francisco, June 2012.


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2. S. Haykin, "Cognitive Control," RIKEN Institute, Tokyo, Japan, May 21, 2012

    Ashkan Amiri
    Ph.D Candidate
    amiria2 (at) mcmaster.ca

    Ashkan joined CSL in 2010 as a Ph.D. student and his research area is in Cognitive Radar. He is working on theory and design of a neurobiological basis for distributed memory with application to radar, which is realized through algorithmic mechanisms driven by cognitive processes and perception-action cycle distributed throughout the whole system. The aim of his research is to mimic the mammalian brain and it involves fusion of ideas from cognitive neuroscience, statistical learning theory, stochastic control, and decision theory.

    Mehdi Fatemi
    Ph.D. Candidate
    fatemism (at) mcmaster.ca

    Mehdi joined CSL in September 2010, after finishing his M.Sc. degree at Memorial University and the National Research Council, Canada. In the main thread of his current research, he is developing a new generation of systems control paradigm, called "cognitive control." The ultimate goal of cognitive control is to achieve "risk control" as a consequence of entropy reduction. After an undergraduate degree in Physics, over the last 10 years Mehdi has developed extensive expertise in the area of computational and mathematical systems.

    Eduardo Santos-Diaz
    Ph.D. Student
    santose (at) mcmaster.ca


    Dr. Peyman Setoodeh
    setoodp (at) mcmaster.ca, ext 27282

    Peyman joined CSL in 2006 as a Ph.D. student and his research area was in Cognitive Radio. He worked on dynamics of cognitive radio networks. After receiving his Ph.D. in 2010, he stayed as a Postdoctoral Fellow and broadened his work to encompass the emerging discipline of Cognitive Dynamic Systems. His research involves fusion of ideas from information theory, game theory, stochastic control, statistical learning theory, and network science.

    Dr. Yanbo (bird) Xue
    yxue (at) ieee.org , ext 27282

    Yanbo joined CSL in Jan 2006 and his research area is in cognitive radar networks. He worked on the modeling of radar database based on the real-life data provided by the industrial partner. He is going to develop a MATLAB interface for the SQL-based database and then expand the richness of the database using differential manifold theory. His research will be a marriage of electrical engineering and computer science, e.g. data fusion, discrete optimization, manifold theory, neural network, and database.

    Dr. Farhad Khozeimeh
    khozeimeh (at) grads.ece.mcmaster.ca, ext 27282

    Farhad joined CSL in Sept 2006 as a Ph.D student and his research area is in cognitive radio. He is currently working on dynamic spectrum management problem in cognitive radio. Inspired by human brain, he is developing a decentralized dynamic spectrum management scheme based on self-organization. His research involves wireless communications and networks, neural networks and machine learning.