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I. First Special Issue on Cognitive Dynamic Systems

Published by Proc. IEEE (download the table of contents).


1. White paper on Cognitive Radar Information Networks for security along the Great Lakes, Collaborator: Accipiter Radar Technology.


1. S. Haykin, Adaptive Filter Theory, 5th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2013.

2. S. Haykin, Digital Communication Systems, John Wiley and Sons, 2013.

3. S. Haykin, Cognitive Dynamic Systems, Cambridge Univerity Press, March 2012. (The first book written on this integrative new field.)


1. S. Haykin and J.M. Fuster, On Cognitive Dynamic Systems: Cognitive Neuroscience and Engineering Learning From Each Other, Proc. IEEE, Special Issue on Cognitive Dynamic Systems, April 2014.

2. A. Amiri and S. Haykin, Improved Sparse Coding under the Influence of Perceptual Attention, Neural Computation Journal, MIT-Press, February 2014.

3. S. Haykin and P. Setoodeh, Cognitive Radio Networks: The Supply Chain Paradigm, second revision.

4. F. Khozeimeh and S. Haykin, Self-organized Dynamic Spectrum Management for Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, under review.

5. S. Haykin, Y. Xue, and P. Setoodeh, "Cogitive Radar: Step Toward Bridging Gap Between Neuroscience and Engineering," Proc. IEEE, 2012, to be published.

6. S. Haykin, M. Fatemi, Y. Xue, and P. Setoodeh, "Cognitive Control," Proc. IEEE, submitted.

7. M. Fatemi and S. Haykin, "On Reinforcement Learning and Planning in Cognitive Control", IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks and Learning Systems.

8. P. Setoodeh and S. Haykin, “Double-layer dynamics of cognitive radio networks,” The First IEEE International Workshop on Emerging COgnitive Radio Applications and aLgorithms (CORAL), San Francisco, June 2012.

9. P. Setoodeh and S. Haykin, “Dynamic spectrum supply chain model for cognitive radio networks,” The First IEEE International Workshop on Emerging COgnitive Radio Applications and aLgorithms (CORAL), San Francisco, June 2012.


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2. S. Haykin, "Cognitive Control," RIKEN Institute, Tokyo, Japan, May 21, 2012

CDS 2008

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on
Cognitive Dynamic Systems and Their Application
May 26 - 28, 2008, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


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  1. The Ontario Automotive Industry and Opening Remarks pdf
    Ken Albright, Director, Automotive Strategy Branch, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ontario
  2. Cognitive Dynamic Systems: A Way of the Future for the 21st Century pdf
    Simon Haykin, McMaster University
  3. Affinity Propagation: New Algorithms, Results and Applications pdf
    Brendan Frey, University of Toronto
  4. Differentiation and Disintegration of Conceptual Knowledge with Learned Distributed Representations pdf
    Jay McClelland, Stanford University
  5. Neuro-computational Models of Perceptual Categorization: From Learning to Automaticity pdf
    F. Gregory Ashby, University of California at Santa Barbara
  6. The Cognitive Genome pdf
    David Krakauer, Santa Fe Institute
  1. Revisiting WiFi in the Cognitive Radios Era pdf
    Victor Bahl, Microsoft Research
  2. Vision as Bayesian Inference: Analysis by Synthesis pdf
    Allan L. Yuille, UCLA
  3. Learning Hierarchical Representations of Natural Images pdf
    Michael Lewicki, Carnegie Mellon University
  4. Discovering Neural Codes using Temporal Data Mining Methods pdf
    K. P. Unnikrishnan, General Motors, R&D Center
  5. Variable Structure Systems and Cognition pdf
    Saeid Habibi, McMaster University and Jimi Tjong, Ford Motor Company
  6. Test and Evaluation of Cognitive and Social Capabilities of Collaborative Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles pdf
    Nikita Visnevski, GE Global Research
  1. Cognitive Cars, Nomadic Devices and Smart Clouds
    K. Venkatesh Prasad, Ford Motor Company
  2. Neuro Mechanical Networks and Design Information Entropy pdf
    Petter Krus, Linköping University
  3. Environment for Cognitive Automobile pdf
    Mohamed Shawky, UTC